Terms of Service

Simplified Terms of Service

  1. Channel Availability:
    • Channel line-up can change at any time without notice.
    • We aim to keep channels stable but changes can occur.
    • No refunds or termination of service due to changes in channel line-up.
  2. Service Closure:
    • If the IPTV provider shuts down, no refunds will be given.
  3. Internet Speed Requirements:
    • SD channels: Minimum 6 + Mbps.
    • HD/FHD channels: Minimum 20 + Mbps.
  4. No Compensation:
    • No refunds or compensation once the account is set up and payment received.
  5. Marketing Communications:
    • By purchasing or subscribing, you agree to receive occasional marketing emails from us.
  6. Customer Responsibility:
    • You are responsible for having the necessary equipment and ensuring its performance.
    • We are not responsible for interruptions due to equipment issues, weather, or other uncontrollable events.
  7. Service Quality:
    • Service quality depends on your internet speed and device performance.
    • We recommend using our FREE 24-hour trial to test the service before subscribing.